Bringing The Marriage Doctor To You

After several months of recording and sharing episodes of The Marriage Doctor Podcast, we’ve begun receiving inquiries about the possibility of bringing the “show on the road” to visit churches and couples’ retreats to record a live episode and lead a 1-day marriage seminar.

While we are very flexible and willing to shape the “House Call” around your event schedule, a suggested format could look like this:

  • SESSION 1: Introduction and general insights on improving communication and intimacy (60 min)
  • Q & A (30 min)
  • MEAL BREAK – also serves as opportunity for attendees to submit written questions
  • SESSION 2: Answering the written questions
  • Q & A (45 min)

As far as the cost of the “House Call,” we are honored to be invited and will come for whatever free will offering the group would like to donate. A set amount to cover basic travel expenses should also be considered. We don’t come with a product table or anything to sell…we just want to help couples enjoy their “forever after” years together.

This concept has long been a vision and goal of both Bill and Terry, and we would be thrilled to connect with anyone interested. Please use the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch shortly!